National Treatment Outcome Research Study

Welcome to our website about the National Treatment Outcome Research Study. Here you will find information about the study that was carried out on drug rehabilitation projects and information on drug rehabilitation facilities where you can find help.

Drug treatment support

About the Study

NTORS was the first large-scale, multi-site, prospective follow up study of drug misuse conducted in the United Kingdom. Over 1000 people were recruited to the scheme who entered drug rehabilitation treatment services, both residential and community based to see what the most effective methods are. The study began in 1995 in England and 54 drug treatment programmes took part. The study observed patient behaviour and substance misuse patterns over 5 years.

Treatment methods and factors that were observed included:

  • Methadone maintenance and reduction programmes
  • Inpatient and residential rehabilitation services
  • Health risk behaviour
  • Treatment motivation
  • Physical and psychological health problems
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Treatment history


NTORS provided valuable data about the impact of the national treatment response upon drug abuse problems. The results helped to strengthen drug treatment services and improve the results of interventions. Drug and alcohol detox programmes were able to develop their techniques for a higher success rate and a be better prepared to prevent relapse. Today, drug rehabilitation services are strongly influenced by the work carried out in this study.

This study was commissioned by a Department of Health Task Force. Visit their website for more information.